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The Adarsh Charitable Foundation was created in 2018 with the mission to find scalable solutions to alleviate preventable vision impairment in the world. We work with motivated individuals who have the aspiration to serve their local communities by sponsoring them through medical and optometry school. This model helps create and foster a culture of sustainability and breaks the greatest barrier in providing eye care; availability.

During the year 2020, our focus for this Foundation has grown to providing local support to organizations. With eyecare goals, Adarsh Charitable Foundation will aid in after school enrichment programs in underserved areas in Louisville. This is especially important when so many of students are learning virtually. This initiative will ensure that kids continue to thrive and stay motivated with their education.

We believe in promoting eye care for all!

Our Mission

Our mission is to find cost effective sustainable solutions to help alleviate preventable vision impairment in the world, providing equal opportunities to all. 

Our Mission

2019 WHO Report on Vision


Availability, Accessibility, Affordability


A shortage of trained human resources is one of the greatest challenges in reducing vision impairment  

Significant shortfall in the current and projected ophthalmologists 


Significant inequitable distribution of ophthalmologists 


Our Vision 

We realize the only way to make a difference in eliminating preventable blindness in the world is by finding ways to train and retain locals to serve their communities. Furthermore, we believe in creating efficiencies and allocate limited ophthalmologists resources for surgeries and managing complex eye diseases. We will train ancillary staff to help manage basic eye care services.   

To that end we are partnering with NGOs and non-profitable institutions such as BCVI in Belize, Visualiza in Guatemala, IHRF in India and University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. We envision sponsoring local students to go to medical and optometry schools and training ancillary staff to use the newest eye care technology.

2.6 billion people with myopia

312 million are under the age 19

1.8 billion with presbyopia

196 million with age-related macular degeneration

146 millon with diabetic retinopathy

76 million with glaucoma

Globally at least 2.2 billion people have vision impairment

At least 1 billion preventable or not addressed 

123.7 million unaddressed refractive error

65.2 million unaddressed cataract

826 million unaddressed presbyopia

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